Jamplay vs Yousician

If learning to play the guitar or improving your overall playing skills is something you are considering, both JamPlay and Yousician can help. However, they are completely different; Yousician is a fun app and super convenient app, whereas JamPlay is website loaded with lots of video lessons.



• Yousician

Yousician uses the microphone of your device to listen and provide real-time feedback. The app works with any electric or acoustic guitar, without needing any special equipment. Yousician is ideal for beginners and advanced guitarists and is available on Android, iOS, Linux, Windows and Mac.

• JamPlay

The lessons on JamPlay are taught via online videos. Essentially, you have the option of finding a teacher you like, finding a genre or difficulty and getting instructions via videos. You will learn by watching, listening and following along.

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Program Formats

• Yousician

‘Practice’ and ‘Play’ are the two modes offered by Yousician. Each mode provides an interface that is suggestive of popular music/rhythm games, with the difference being that you will actually be playing a real guitar.

Following the initial set up, your guitar will have to be tuned according to Yousician’s tuner. This acts as a tuning check and it is also designed to ensure the Yousician software can perfectly identify the nuances of your playing style. This is essential as you will be scored and evaluated as you play.

The guitar playing mode enables you to play at your preferred speed as often as you wish. Certain segments of a song can be looped if you find mastering a run to be challenging or if you prefer to concentrate on polishing your rendition. The “Play for Me” function can also be toggled to get the correct sounds.

• JamPlay

The lessons are designed around the different skill levels of players. More than 70 professional guitarists are on the website and they are responsible for teaching the different training phases highlighted below:

Phase 1

Designed for beginners, this phase is ideal for those who are attempting to figure out the art of holding a pick and playing basic chords and leads.

Phase 2

This phase is the intermediate segment of the course; it builds on all that has been taught in phase 1 and helps you with developing your skills. Videos are available on practically every different guitar style from jazz to country.

Phase 3

Learning full-length songs is what this phase is all about. You will be assisted with everything — the intro, chorus, bride and solo. Additionally, every song has a video and a tab for you to easily follow along.

There is no rule that you have to take the phases in order. You have the option of skipping directly to the song lessons or slowly learn the basics in phase 1. Jamplay offers something for every member.

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• Yousician

Yousician has a premium plan that eliminates interruptions and allows you to use the app to learn in your own time. There is just one type of subscription; however, you can opt for a monthly or annual plan. The monthly cost is $19.99 and the yearly cost is $119.99.

• JamPlay

JamPlay’s pricing is both simple and competitive; you pay $19.95 per month to cover the cost of all-access membership. There is also an offer for a full money-back guarantee if you choose to discontinue within the first week.

You also have the option of paying $159.95 for the year, which is a 33 percent saving when compared to the monthly cost. Additionally, if you are truly serious, there is also the option of paying $299.95 and registering for a ‘Year Pro’ subscription. This offers one-on-one consultation plus other perks. Bassists can buy a subscription for the same cost as the online guitar lessons.

Apps are remarkably convenient and can be incredibly fun. However, when it comes to the volume of content and quality instruction, Yousician does not even come close to comparing with a video lesson platform like JamPlay. Therefore, if you are looking to learn how to play guitar or enhance your playing skills, JamPlay is the better way to go. With all that this video lesson program has to offer, we have no reservation in giving JamPlay a 5/5 star rating.


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