Learning to play the guitar can be a pretty difficult process for a lot of people. Not only does it take a lot of time and patience, but it is usually a pretty costly thing to do as well.

The cost aspect of learning to play the guitar has gone down considerably thanks to the rise in popularity of online guitar lessons. Two of the leaders when it comes to online lessons include JamPlay and TrueFire. Is there a true stand out between the two? It’s time to take a closer look.



Both companies have a number of teachers, and that is a major reason why they have turned out to be so popular. Between the two options, JamPlay gets a slight edge. That is mostly because they offer almost all their features without having to pay for additional charges, and they offer the chance to learn some iconic songs from the actual artists who wrote them.

There are hundreds of instructors on both websites, so that was trying to learn how to play the guitar do not have to worry about possibly not enjoying the lessons. Not every instructor is going to be perfect, but there should be a few that really help out.

Having a chance to learn from the actual artist is a premium feature that is just not available through other websites. It is truly remarkable what JamPlay has been able to pull off by working with some of these artists.

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Program format

JamPlay gets a slight edge over TrueFire when it comes to the overall format of the program. This is because TrueFire can be a little bit confusing for beginners. There is a lack of individual song lessons on the website, and beginners might find that to be a turn off. As soon as a person feels overwhelmed, they are much less likely to actually continue.

The format for JamPlay is great for all levels. Those who do not know how to play a single note on a guitar can get started right away. Even those who have played for years and just want to some help can also get something out of JamPlay. It is easy to jump around and do the lessons that a person wants instead of having to follow a strict order.

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The cost of certain websites can definitely sway a decision. Many people want to save money, but they also want to see that it is worth the investment.

TrueFire does have the advantage of a longer free trial for beginners. Those who try out the program can cancel at any time within 30 days to not have to pay anything. With JamPlay, people only get seven days to try out everything.

After the trial, JamPlay is slightly cheaper. The monthly price for both is right around $20, but the yearly price for JamPlay is $30 cheaper than TrueFire. That is definitely something to keep in mind when pricing everything out.

There are more lessons and instructors on TrueFire, but the value seems to be there for JamPlay. There is more emphasis on providing quality lessons, and some of the instructors on TrueFire don’t have many lessons to take.

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Final verdict

JamPlay does nearly everything well when it comes to teaching guitar online. Perhaps their only lacking feature at the time is a song list that could use some improvement. They are constantly working on improvements, so expect that to be next on the list.

TrueFire is certainly a worthy option to go with as well, but when looking at JamPlay vs TrueFire, JamPlay just provides a little bit more value. If a person is really trying to stick with learning the guitar online, this is the best way to go. They understand what it takes to motivate in a lot of ways. Instead of being frustrated and not having a breakthrough, each lesson can allow a person to feel a sense of accomplishment.

After giving it an initial trial, the best overall value will be to go with the yearly subscription. It allows a person to save $80 throughout the year when purchased that way. That is almost enough to make a decent upgrade on a guitar when the time comes.


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