Jamplay vs Rocksmith

There are a lot of different methods to learn guitar online. Two very popular websites that have gained a following include Jamplay and Rocksmith. Is there a clear-cut better option between the two?

Both companies approach learning the guitar in different ways. What might work for some people will not work for others. Here is a closer look at Jamplay vs Rocksmith, with a final recommendation in the end.


Features and benefits

Jamplay is what many would consider to be a traditional way to learn guitar. There are a number of lessons online for people to sort through, and it is a perfect place to start regardless of skill level.

The most notable features for Jamplay include an extremely large video lesson catalog, tons of teachers for virtually any type of learning preference and personal evaluation. It’s also very helpful to have the ability to use jam play anywhere. As long as a person has a smart phone, tablet, computer or even a video streaming device, they are good to go.

Rocksmith, of course, is a little bit different. Technically speaking, it is a video game. It’s a video game that also acts as a very good guitar learning tool, but it requires a gaming system to get started. Once a real guitar is plugged in, a person can go through the learning process in a number of ways. There are multiple modes for people who like to customize their learning experience. They also focus on providing a song list that has a number of hits people enjoy learning how to play.

Despite Rocksmith doing a very good job of making everything fun and interactive, they lack a little bit in features compared to Jamplay. It’s understandable, because a single video game can only do so much. There is just so much more information available on Jamplay, and getting started is much more affordable as well.

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Program formats

This is the biggest difference between the two different ways to learn guitar. Some people really love the video game feel of Rocksmith, and that is understandable. Anyone who has taken guitar lessons in the past will probably gravitate towards Jamplay. No, there is no actual teacher in the same room as you, but the format is virtually the same in every other way.

In the very beginning, people who are using Jamplay can pick exactly where to start. If this is the first time ever picking up a guitar, starting from the very beginning is simple enough. Those who do have some experience can jump around and see what makes the most sense.

The format on Jamplay also allows for easy stop points. If a person is very busy, they can practice the guitar and stop a lesson in the middle if they need to go. This can’t be pulled off with Rocksmith, as the game needs to be turned back on and started from the beginning of the last saved point.

Jamplay is much more customizable, and that is why they get the edge as far as format is concerned.

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This might be the biggest knock on Rocksmith right now. There is really no extremely cheap option to learn guitar, as the instrument and lessons will cost a decent amount of money. With Rocksmith, a person also needs either a video game system or a computer that can play the game as well.

The cost does not stop there either. Rocksmith comes with a number of songs, but they also offer a ton of downloadable content. Want to play a few of your favorite songs from an artist that is featured on Rocksmith? It could easily cost another $10-$20 to get those songs and lessons.

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Final verdict

Jamplay: 5/5 stars
Rocksmith: 4/5 stars

Jamplay wins in this head-to-head battle. Rocksmith is still a great learning tool, especially for those people who grew up on video games and like to really make playing the guitar seem like a game. This is one of the few times where playing video games can actually be a true learning experience.

There is just too much additional value with Jamplay. For roughly $20 per month, a person gets instant access to so many learning tools.


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