Jamplay vs Justin Guitar

Are you struggling to master the basic lessons of the guitar provided in the booklet along with this musical instrument. Do not worry. You can depend on online guitar courses that will help you master both the basic and advanced courses, so that you can play like a professional in a couple of weeks. However, before opting for any such course, you should check its quality as well as its price. Be honest! You are aware of your ability level and the amount of time you are willing to spend on those lessons. You also know your budget. The more you understand about what you need and where you want to go with it, the easier will it be to choose the right course. We shall be comparing Jamplay vs Justin Guitar, unarguably the two leading online guitar tutorial portals.


Jamplay reviewed

As a beginner, you might be wondering if there is something for you in Jamplay. Be prepared for a surprise as this online guitar lesson tutorial site boasts of 21 beginner courses, which includes 654 lessons. Once you get the hang of the basics, you can move forward to advanced courses. Instead of wasting time on their home page, browse around their different sections. You will be pleasantly surprised by the huge quantity of lessons at different difficulty levels that Jamplay offers.


Their music and video library apart, you also get the following features:

• Training games
• Progress reports
• Ability to build custom chord sheets, and
• Altered tuning and voices

Their prices are pocket friendly and cost one third of what you would pay to a personal instructor. The site boasts of video tutorials for each lesson. This ensures that you will never make a mistake. The course is designed in such a way that even those who are playing the guitar for the first time will not feel intimidated. This site offers the following three learning processes:

• Basic lessons for new guitarists
• Genre modules such as pop, rock & roll, jazz, etc.
• Lessons that help you master and play famous songs


They also offer tutorials of different musical formats such as Spanish classical, surf, acoustic, blues, bluegrass, rock, metal, finger style, jazz, funk, and folk. This ensures that you will face no problem for the specific type style you wish to excel in. The sheer number of guitar lessons offered will pleasantly please you. The search function of the site allows you to effortlessly browse through the thousands of video lessons.


• Monthly membership costs a measly $19.95
• Quarterly membership costs only $49.95 (you save $39.60)
• At $159.95, their annual plan offers you the best deal.

Search online for coupon codes that can help you subscribe to the annual plan for just $109.95

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Justin Guitar Reviewed

I was disappointed by the layout of the site. There was no mention of the different types of courses or genres they have on offer. Apart from this, there is no option on the homepage for advanced players as the page has only one option “beginners start here.” They currently have 1,000 lessons, lots of reference material, as well as a dedicated course for beginners. While they offer all the basic lessons (which includes a special course for Ukulele players) free of cost, you have to pay $9.99 to gain access to their “practical music theory” section for six months.


• Ability to filter 554 songs
• A search engine
• Select songs based on difficulty, and
• Selecting songs by chords

Their site does not mention about any format or about the guitarists they have in their group. On the contrary, they have a couple of celebrity endorsements. As of June 2019, their site offered:

• 554 free songs
• 15,366 minutes of video, and
• 939 free lessons

The latest lessons are listed at the bottom of their home page. Clicking on any of them takes your browser to a different page that has a video tutorial of that song, allowing you to see and learn. Some of the latest lessons include:

• Tunnel of Love
• Tammys lessons
• Melodic sequences for scales
• Finger style technique, and others

They offer several courses such as:

• Beginner course
• Intermediate modules, and
• Advanced modules

The site also has several sections on:

• Songwriting
• Transcribing
• Theory
• Ear training, and
• Technique

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To be honest, I was quite disappointed by Justin Guitar during my Jamplay vs Justin Guitar review. The sheer volume of chords and tutors that Jamplay has, puts it miles ahead of Justin Guitar. I have seen other online guitar tutorial sites too, but I am compelled to give Jamplay a 5-star rating. This is the site to sign up with if you want to learn how to play the guitar like a professional.


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