If you want to learn to play guitar, an online guitar lesson makes absolute sense. However, not all guitar lessons online are the same. Some may offer great value, and quite a few would not even match the quality free YouTube videos offer. In this JamPlay vs Jamorama article, we’ll take a look at two online guitar lesson programs, their features, pros and cons, and help you choose between the two.


JamPlay ($0.05 per lesson)

Set up in 2006, JamPlay is an online guitar lesson site that offers more than 6,500 HD-quality video lessons taught by more than 100 instructors. JamPlay offers training for amateurs, intermediates, and advanced guitar players. In short, it covers all kinds of guitar learners.

Go through JamPlay’s lessons and you’ll realize the company has the learners’ interests in mind. Their lessons aren’t just helpful, but help you learn faster too. The multiple learning techniques and shortcuts the teachers in the different courses exhibit would increase your learning speed significantly. Also, there are courses for different playing styles, including shred, country, and blues.

If you are an absolute beginner, begin with Phase 1, wherein different instructors have made multiple foundation lessons focusing on both acoustic and electric guitar. If you are not sure which course to start with, go through the course descriptions to ascertain the program and instructor that appeals to you the most.

These lessons are detailed and comprehensive. For instance, there is one foundation course that comprises 68 lessons spanning a total of 684 minutes. The course encompasses everything you’d like to learn about playing electric guitar. It focuses on blues and rock – and covers all the various stages there are to them.

Experienced guitarists are taken care of too, who are offered some truly advanced playing techniques and songs to learn. These courses could be found in the second, third and fourth phases. The second phase lets you embark on a fresh playing style – rock, jazz, blues, etc. Bassists are in for some treat too as JamPlay offers several bass guitar lessons.

Compared to other online guitar lesson sites, JamPlay offers a variety of song lessons that span a range of genres and styles for both acoustic and electric guitar. These include songs from The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Fall Out Boy, ZZ Top, and Willie Nelson, to name a few


• Caters to all types of learners
• Intuitive and smooth-running video player
• High-definition videos
• A constantly growing list of instructors


• Too many lesson options

Rating: 5/5 (Highly Recommended!)

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Jamorama (Free basic access; $99.95 full lifetime access)

Compared to JamPlay, Jamorama is quite new to the scene. They have created a good beginner’s program and a modern website with increased focus on community learning. The Jamorama site is quite clean and easy to navigate. The minimal fuss ensures you can start learning almost right away.

The course lessons themselves are quite watchable and high quality. Certain tutorial videos would have a chord chart to the side and bottom-positioned scrolling chords. This makes the learning experience quite intuitive and easy to follow. However, most of these lessons are quite mundane – featuring the instructor with his guitar. Several lessons are accompanied by PDF exercise documents that you may download from the particular lesson’s dashboard.

Jamorama excels in beginner lessons that should help you learn to play the guitar within a couple of months. The Beginner Guitar Method program, for instance, comprises two stages – the first stage provides the complete basics and the second stage is another five-week course that begins from where the initial stage ended.

If you have never played a guitar before, Stage 1 is for you. This five-week course offers lessons that introduce you to strumming, chord charts, chord instructions, several riffs, and other essential material for beginners. Stage 2 is five weeks too where you would learn a bit more advanced chords, along with more strumming patterns and riffs. The program is nicely structured and should get you up and playing in a matter of weeks.

For advanced learners, Jamorama doesn’t offer much. However, there still are courses on blues guitar and fingerstyle, and also speed picking that are quite handy. Whether these courses are adequate for an advanced learner or not is something you can ascertain based on what your definition for an “advanced learner” is.


• Straightforward lessons
• Easy-to-use video player
• High-quality video lessons


• Number of lessons not comparable to JamPlay
• No A/B looping
• No video playback speed control

Rating: 3.5/5 (Good, but needs work)

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We highly recommend you go the JamPlay route if you are serious about learning to play the guitar and want to do that online.


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