Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks 2021

Jamplay and Guitar Tricks are two of the leading websites offering guitar lessons. While there are many guitar lesson sites, none of them have the same knowledge base, learning resources, and professional instructors of the two. The two sites have a bit in common. They provide similar tools, are both accessible through mobile platforms, and both also have thousands of techniques, songs, and lessons to choose from. Here is a Jamplay Vs Guitar Tricks review that will focus on the differences between the two sites.



Both Jamplay and Guitar Tricks have beginner courses. Guitar Tricks beginner classes have step by step lessons for beginners whereas Jamplay’s courses are taught be different teachers. The two also have advanced courses with Guitar Tricks having more content than Jamplay. However, Jamplay has more genre specific lessons and more live lessons.

Both sites have song lessons with the latter leading with 600 lessons against Jamplay’s 300 lessons. Nevertheless, Jamplay offers more genres and styles of guitar lessons.

Both sites have HD video lessons with great interfaces and essential tools such as A/B looping, slow-motion playback, and allow you to repeat an entire video or a particular portion continuously. Jamplay’s video lessons have a few more camera angles. Guitar Tricks and Jamplay also have active forums with live lessons. However, Jamplay has more live lesson material than Guitar Tricks since lessons are posted on a weekly basis.

Both platforms offer easy to navigate sites that are refined and tweaked. Guitar Tricks is fresher and brighter, although JamPlay has an edge over it. Both sites have equally simple to use and well set up lessons. They both have sensible page layouts, song lesson breakdowns, and song notes and tabs.

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• Courses

JamPlay courses are divided into distinct phases. This allows you to start from wherever you feel comfortable. These phases are beginner, genre and skills, songs and song writing. The beginner phase has a lot for beginners. You can choose where to start depending on your skill level. Guitar Tricks has a more definite core learning system.

Unlike Jamplay, you cannot just jump in wherever you feel like. The Guitar Fundamentals Level 1 phase is the starting point for beginners. On the one hand, starting from whichever place one feels comfortable has its share of advantages but this freedom can be confusing for a newbie to establish where to get started.

• Styles

Guitar Tricks focuses mainly on Country, Rock, and Blues. This lessons are good for beginners because one gets to master these basic genres. However, for someone looking to expand their horizons, Jamplay is their best bet. Jamplay offers different genres and styles.

• Variety of Song Lessons

Guitar Tricks has a learning style that is based on mastering real songs. They have a large variety of song lessons in which the instructors teach you the songs step by step. They also have a section called the “Songs made easy” section where they have featured famous songs for beginners to practice with. On the other hand, Jamplay has only 250 song lessons that are mainly focused on the rock genre.

• Social Networks

Both sites have great social networks. Guitar Tricks has a social forum with a lot of threads on numerous topics. The discussions are about lessons, techniques, songwriting, and many helpful topics for budding and advanced guitarists. However, Jamplay goes a step further and offers a great social network for its guitarists. The guitarist has a profile with a photo, signature, and can earn badges after completing a lesson. The learners can also post comments, ask questions, and talk to teachers and other users through chat, messages, and the forum.

• Offline Lessons

Jamplay and Guitar Tricks offer online lessons that are interactive and simple to understand. However, Jamplay only allows you stream lessons online. Guitar Tricks has the added advantage because it allows you to download lessons, only with the exception of song lessons because of copyright issues.

• Free Trial and Money Back Guarantee

Jamplay offers you a 7- day free trial. The also the benefit of a 30 day money back guarantee. On the other hand, Guitar Tricks has a 14 day free trial with a 60 day money back guarantee.

• Extras
Both platforms have similar high-quality extras. For instance, both offer members a good community feel and have a series of tools like a metronome, chord finder, and tuner. While Guitar Tricks has a ‘Full Access’ feature which are small group sessions or live one-on-one sessions with instructors, these are no match to Jamplay’s interactive tools.

JamPlay goes the extra mile and has an artist series with a range of live courses, live Q & A sessions with teachers, which provides you with a lot of room to engage with tutors.

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Program Formats

• Beginner Lessons

Jamplay’s beginner lessons are quite comprehensive. They focus on the people who have never played before, the self-taught guitarist, and the forever beginner. The basic lessons focus around tuning, finger technique, posture, among many other fundamentals.

Guitar Tricks also has a beginner level section that focus on how to hold a guitar and how to play simple chords. The difference between both beginner lesson formats is that Jamplay’s program is implemented by different tutors which can be confusing when each tutor has their own style or approach. Guitar Tricks, on the other hand, focuses on the simple fundamentals of playing a guitar.

• Intermediate and Advanced Lessons

Both sites have intermediate and advanced lessons. These lessons go beyond the basics and focus on playing different genres of music and also practicing with popular songs. However, Guitar Tricks’ lessons are limited to popular genres whereas Jamplay covers a wide selection of genres. Jamplay covers 19 genres, which is very handy for someone who is not sure about their niche.

• Song Lessons

JamPlay has a section that helps students to learn songs by popular artists. The section has accurate tabs and clear video instructions that will get you playing your favorite songs in no time. While Guitar Tricks interface is not as interactive and effective as Jamplay’s, they allow you to play more than 600 popular songs, which is more than what Jamplay offers. Additionally, Guitar Tricks has a new song made easy part for beginners who only want to focus on mastering how to play their favorite songs.

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Jamplay and Guitar Tricks have the same monthly plans of $19.95. However, their yearly plans are different with Guitar Tricks’ plan going for $143.20 per year, and Jamplay’s plan going for $159.95 per year. However, with coupon codes, you can get a good discount off these prices.

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Guitar Tricks has more tutors and JamPlay more working artists. Both websites provide the profiles of artists making it easy to tell who is a teacher and who is a professional guitar player.

While teachers are great since they have better rapport with students than gigging artists. However, artists are good because they throw in their experience and have mastered time tested methods that will help you perform incredibly on stage.

Jamplay has around 250 song lessons that are largely focused on the rock genre. Many Jamplay’s instructors are working professional guitarists. This is why it is not uncommon to find an instructor teaching their own songs. For example, Steve Stevens instructing students on his song Billy Idol.

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Pros and Cons

Guitar Tricks


• Huge collection of lessons and songs- the huge collection of teachings and songs gives you a variety of options. You get to focus on what you are good at or on what interests you.
• Easy to navigate website- the website is easy to navigate and does not require any special skills for one to access information.
• Handy extra features- the extra features make the website not only easy to use but also enjoyable.
• Constant updates-the website is constantly updated to cater for modern trends.


• Song lessons from major bands are missing- songs from major bands are not featured.
• Do not offer bass guitar lessons-Guitar tricks has not introduced bass guitar lessons.
• New one on one lessons go for an extra few-the new lessons cost extra.



• Has more than 100 different instructors-the large team of tutors ensures that you do not run short of instructors to answer to your queries.
• Has lots of content-lots of valuable information to improve your understanding
• Suitable for beginners and advanced players- does not discriminate between newbies and novice learners.
• You get to learn iconic songs from the artists who wrote them- you have the pleasure of being taught by professional guitarists.
• Live courses and a good range of artist series-the live courses and variety of artist series improve your learning experience.

• Some great artists are missing in the song list-like is the case with Guitar Tricks, Jamplay does not have rights to use some popular songs in its teaching lessons.

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Jamplay and Guitar Tricks are without doubt the leading guitar tutoring sites online. Despite the many similarities between their offerings, Jamplay definitely comes on top in terms of website interactivity, variety of song lessons, and the instructors it features. Jamplay therefore gets a 5/5 rating in terms of achieving their learning expectations. If you are interested in joining the bandwagon of professional guitarists or just want to learn how to play for fun, Jamplay is your best trusted online provider.


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