Jamplay vs Fender Play

If you know anything about guitars, the Fender brand is certainly very recognizable. Other than maybe Gibson, it is the most notable name in the guitar world today. They have been around for years, and it should come as no surprise that their guitar instruction program has quite a bit of value. Is it an option that surpasses Jamplay, a leader in the industry?

A lot of people look at Jamplay as the best overall online guitar lesson program available. When comparing Jamplay vs Fender Play, here is a complete breakdown.



When comparing features directly, Jamplay is the clear winner. That is to be somewhat expected, since it does cost more than Fender Play. However, Fender’s option is very limited on what it provides people who sign up. It has a very nice and clean layout, but it’s still seems as though there is not a ton of instruction on the site compared to Jamplay.

With Jamplay, people should expect a ton of instruction, and they can even get personalized feedback as well. There are so many different instructors on the website that it is nearly impossible for anyone to not find at least a few teachers who really speak to them. This is important in the learning process, because no two people are going to learn exactly the same way.

One added feature Fender has that does help them a little bit is that a person can learn bass and ukulele as well. This is great value for no additional cost, but still not enough to push it over Jamplay.

Jamplay provides a huge catalog, the ability to practice anywhere and just a better overall interface to hop around with lesson. Fender has a good start, but they still need quite a bit of work to get to Jamplay’s level.

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Fender Play and Jamplay both do a great job of helping beginners learn the basics. A lot of people who sign up for online guitar lessons are looking to do exactly that. Where Jamplay separate themselves is that they also have enough lessons to keep advanced players engaged as well. Unfortunately, Fender doesn’t offer much for advanced players. Once a person gets to a certain level of play, they pretty much graduate from the program.

Jamplay is going to do enough to keep everyone interested. They also just have a better learning format overall. Part of that is because of the amount of teachers they bring to the table. If one method of learning doesn’t work, there is always the opportunity to go with a different method instead. They also offer more genres, more songs in each genres and more to allow a fully customizable experience.

The learning path for people on Fender Play is pretty much always going to be the same. It’s easier to lose interest when being forced to play songs that might not be interesting.

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The price of Fender Play is one of the major selling features. It is just $10 a month, which is great for those on a budget. There are simply not a lot of online guitar lessons out there this affordable. In fact, it is one of the cheapest options we have reviewed on this site.

Jamplay is about twice as much per month, but most people justify it with the amount of content it provides. For those who can get by with just the bare minimum, maybe $10 per month is the right option to choose. Those who truly want a complete learning experience will find the value in spending a little bit more. There are also discounts available for people who sign up for a one-year subscription, which closes the gap on the difference in price.

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Final verdict

Jamplay – 5/5 stars
Fender Play – 3/5 stars

Unless a person only needs only the bare minimum, Jamplay is a clear-cut winner over Fender Play at this point in time. It just does everything better, and it’s going to take some time for Fender to match that level.

It’s enticing to get drawn into the name brand recognition of Fender, but Jamplay has built a great reputation online. For now, it’s a pass on Fender’s online instruction.


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