Jamplay vs ArtistWorks

Over the last few years, Jamplay has build itself the leader in the online guitar lessons world. The company has plenty of challengers, but they have been able to fend off a lot of them.

ArtistWorks has emerged as one of the top challengers to Jamplay. They have been around for about 10 years, and they have an impressive library of video lessons for aspiring guitar players to sift through. Is Jamplay still the best option available, or is ArtistWorks something to check out? Here is the tale of the tape when it comes to Jamplay vs ArtistWorks.


Features and benefits

Right away, people are going to notice a difference between how Jamplay and ArtistWorks operates. Jamplay is a pretty traditional online guitar learning center, as it offers a ton of instructional videos for people who are trying to learn the basics.

With ArtistWorks, every person who signs up has to choose an instructor or school they want to learn how to play guitar from. That means there are going to be very specific paths for all the different genres offered. If a person wants to learn how to play rock guitar, they are going to sign up for Paul Gilbert’s program through the website.

There is always a huge risk when it comes to working with a single instructor for a long period of time. Will they have great teaching skills for different types of learners? It is simply impossible for one instructor to really help out every different type of person out there. They offer sample lessons that are free, but it is still a tough way to make a decision.

For that reason, Jamplay gets the edge with features. Having flexibility to pretty much craft your own learning environment is truly beneficial.

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ArtistWorks gains a lot of points for offering such an in-depth and personal way to learn how to play the guitar. Even Jamplay comes up a little bit short compared to them in this regard.

Another great thing about ArtistWorks is that students can submit videos to get feedback from one of the instructors. This allows a person to focus hard on exactly what might be holding the back.

Jamplay relies more on communities to help people get through tough times. Since there are so many people using Jamplay, users are always trying to lend a helping hand to others on the website.

They also have coaches available for feedback as well. They might not be as personal as ArtistWorks, but they have more coaches available for quicker feedback.

Overall, the formats are somewhat different, but they each have positives and negatives. Consider the two programs to be pretty even in the end as far as format is concerned.

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One of the main things that seems to be holding back ArtistWorks these days is the fact that they are still a pretty expensive option for people to learn the guitar. When trying to compete directly with Jamplay, it can be difficult to charge around $100 more per year. Most consumers are not going to spend that amount of extra money unless one product is clearly better than the other. For ArtistWorks, that simply is not the case.

There is no denying that there are some people out there who prefer ArtistWorks over Jamplay. The vast majority of consumers will either not see a difference, or not feel like the price is justifiable. That makes Jamplay clearly the better value.

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Final verdict

Jamplay – 5/5 stars
ArtistWorks – 4/5 stars

ArtistWorks definitely bring something new to the table as far as learning guitar is concerned. Not a lot of companies are using this type of format and learning process.

If sticking to a particular instructor seems like the best way to learn for you, it might make sense to explore ArtistWorks. The majority of people starting out in guitar don’t really have a set genre they want to learn. They also want the ability to jump around and learn different things at their own pace.

Jamplay has the edge over ArtistWorks in customization, number of features and price. ArtistWorks definitely is one of the top alternatives out there, but they don’t have what it takes to dethrone Jamplay quite yet.


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