Jamplay Review 2021

JamPlay is an online guitar lesson website that offers video lessons. These lessons are suited for beginners and advanced guitarists. The site has courses for all styles of playing, be it blues, country, or shred. Furthermore, their system is better than taking lessons at a local music school. If you are interested in learning how to play the guitar, then JamPlay is the site for you. Here is a detailed Jamplay review to help you know what you are signing up for.


Program Features

The Program is run by more than 70 professional guitarists who offer three phases of training. You get to learn your preferred skills and styles and Learn the styles of your favorite artist. Moreover, you get to pick genres you like and choose the skills you want to focus on. The program is offered via online HD video live lesson. You also get to enjoy 24/7 online chat sessions.

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• Learn at your own pace:

With the Jamplay program, you get to learn at your own pace. You can choose to watch several videos every week as opposed to going to classes every day.

• Learning how to sing and play:

You will get to learn both how to play the guitar and to sing. This is a major plus if you want to learn the guitar so you can go and perform in public.

• Choose whether to focus on playing, speed, lead or singing:

The Jamplay program gives you the freedom to choose what you will focus on. You may be interested in capitalizing on your singing skills, speed, or playing.

• Training for any skill level:

The major benefit of Jamplay’s program is that it is a one size fits all. It does not matter whether you are an experienced or seasoned guitarist. There are lessons for all skill levels.

• Mobile ready, enabling you to watch videos on your phone:

If you like spending time on your phone, then Jamplay’s program will work to your advantage. You can be able to view the videos on your phone anywhere you are.

• Has bonus materials such as games, jam tracks, and community forum:

If you enjoy learning while engaging in other activities, you will love Jamplay’s program. There are many games and jam tracks to help you improve your skills. The community forum allows you to interact with other learners and exchange ideas.

• 30-day risk-free trial:

In this techno-savvy generation, there has been a steady rise in spam sites. To keep your fear at bay, Jamplay has a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not pleased with their lessons, you are guaranteed to get a refund after 30 days.

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You can make huge savings if you buy the one-year package in advance. JamPlay does offer a 100% money back guarantee for the first seven days.

• Monthly Membership of $19.95 which amounts to $0.67 per day
• Quarterly Membership of $49.95
• Annual Membership of $159.95

Additionally, one of the advantages of Jamplay is its pricing when compared to taking lessons at a local shop. It would cost much more to go for lessons at a local shop. The price would be an average of $25 for half hour lessons every week. This would amount to $100 a month for just 2 hours.

Furthermore, you might have to drive or go to the store every week. Therefore, considering these things, Jamplay is affordable. Not only does it have many hours of lessons you can view anytime, you also get Jamplay coupon codes that allow you to save 20% off in the first month. On top of all these, you get a 100% money back warranty. This means if you do not like your instructors or your lessons, you get a refund.


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Types of Lessons Offered

It has a three phase lessons. One thing about three-phase training program is that you do not have to take these phases in order. You can begin with song lessons or spend time learning basics in phase 1 videos. The following are guitar lessons offered by Jamplay;-

Beginner Lessons

Phase 1 is structured for beginners who want to learn how to handle a pick and play basic leads and chords. The beginner lessons are categorized as beginner acoustic and beginner electric guitar. There are 654 beginner lessons and 21 courses.


• The beginner lessons are structured to help newbies learn the basics of playing the guitar
• These lessons have a good follow up a scheme that allows learners to monitor their progress
• There are numerous lessons and courses to choose from based on your interests

• Is limiting to someone who already knows how to play the guitar
• There are many beginner lessons making it hard for one to move to other advanced lessons in a short time-span

Intermediate Lessons

Phase 2 is a continuation of all the beginner lessons and is structured to help you hone your skills in genres you want to focus on. It is also known as the intermediate phase or learn genres lesson. You can access videos on every guitar style starting with jazz to country. The intermediate phase allows you to learn styles of music. A total of 19 genres are covered in this training. You can also learn songs by playing hits and refine your skills.


• You get to practice songs you have already heard
• You have the freedom to choose your genres
• There are a lot of styles to learn, and these will improve your skills


• Limited genres

Master Lessons

Phase 3 focuses on learning full-length songs. It is also called the master classes. The trainers will help you learn the intro, chorus, solo, and bridge of songs. Each song has a tab and video to help you follow. This is one of the most popular phases because it has advanced lessons. Here you get to learn the styles of the pros. For example, you may focus on Guns and Roses or a similar band and learn their style of music.


• You get to learn the styles of professionals
• There is much detailed focus on full-length songs
• Easy to follow up on your progress

• It might be confusing if a beginner were to start with master classes because they are advanced

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Pros and Cons of The Jamplay Program

There are many advantages that comes with Jamplay membership. They include;-


• JamPlay Guitar Teachers

There are more than 70 professional teachers who provide material for the website. These are no ordinary music teachers but actual professionals like Glen Drover, Dave Wiener, and Trace Bundy. These are very big names in the guitar industry that can act as great tutors and mentors. All the instructors are in the 3-phase learning program to help you hone your skills. They also have a feature that helps you follow up on your progress.

• Pursue Your Interests

One amazing thing with this membership is that you have the freedom to go after your passion. Although the program has phases, you are allowed to pick where to start your learning. You also get to learn at your own pace.

The two basic areas are “learn a skill” and “learn a style” categories. You get to work on your preferred styles. Whether you want fingerstyle, bluegrass, metal, blues, or rock, you can also choose a skill category. This enables you to increase your speed, improvising, soloing, and theory.

• Live Lessons

One of the impressive things about joining Jamplay is the ability to watch live lessons. You are allowed to register for live lessons with tutors every day free of charge. Some teachers are online every day and you have the chance to question them or to watch their live sessions.


• Limited Content

Compared to Guitar Tricks, Jamplay has limited content that mainly focuses on specific genres. This can be very inconveniencing for beginners who like to explore lots of content.

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Lesson Format

Jamplay guitar lessons are offered through HD video from beginner up to experienced players. The videos focus on rock, blues, metal, country, and other skills and songs. You can handle 25 master classes with 504 lessons or opt for the 44 live courses carrying 699 lessons. With a Jamplay membership, you stand to get more than 400 courses with more than 5,500 lessons offered by 80 different tutors.

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Jamplay Trial/Coupon Codes Offered

There are Jamplay coupon codes on many sites. All you need to do is sign up on these sites and enter the registration code. This will allow you to save 50% off the normal price. There is also a 100% money back guarantee in case you are not happy with the subscription. You will get the refund in 7 days. Since the discount coupons are offered once per user, you should buy the annual membership for maximum benefits.

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Jamplay Vs Competition

• Jamplay Vs. Jamorama

While Jamplay’s lessons are offered through video tutorials, the Jamorama course is based on an online user interface. Unlike Jamplay, Jamorama is a social network bringing together guitar students and which relies on the community to ensure students get to learn from one another. Jamplay also has a community feature that brings together players and teachers through a live chat that operates 24/7.

Jamorama tracks a student’s progress using lessons from each of the courses. Each course has an introduction video and gradually adds more techniques, information, and practice lessons as you progress. Jamplay has a more advanced way of tracking a student’s progress. There are custom progress reports, and you also can bookmark so you can spot a lesson so you can easily go back to it later. The live videos also allow you to interact with your tutor.

Jamorama has a 120-day money back guarantee, which may be very unappealing to students. Many people would rather the 30-day money back guarantee that Jamplay offers.

• Jamplay Vs. Guitar Tricks

Jamplay’s beginner lessons are taught by different teachers, and it is not as well laid out as the step by step plans offered by Guitar Tricks.

Guitar Tricks also has a lot of content as opposed to the genre-specific lessons offered by Jamplay. Furthermore, the overall lessons offered by Guitar Tricks are over 600, which is more than Jamplay’s 300 song lessons. Therefore, if you want to train on specific songs, Jamplay may disappoint you with their available styles and genres.

Guitar Tricks has a 14-day free trial against Jamplay’s 7-day free trial. Guitar Tricks also has a 60-day money back guarantee against Jamplay’s 30-day money back offer.

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Jamplay is the ideal site for any person who is interested in learning how to play the guitar. This program is not limited to beginners but also has lessons for average and advanced guitarists. Therefore, Jamplay score is 5/5-star rating based on many satisfied students. Its also affordable, convenient, and highly beneficial when compared to other guitar training sites or local music stores. What’s more, you get to choose what you want to learn, which songs interest you, and your learning pace. If you are a music aficionado or an aspiring guitarist, Jamplay will sweep you off your feet.



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