Guitar Tricks vs Yousician

There are dozens of ways for beginners to learn guitar, and for more advanced players to gain skills. Two popular ways are an app, called Yousician, and a full-featured website for learners, called GT (GT). In some ways, the two defy comparison because they are completely different types of products/services. Still, it’s helpful, especially for those new to playing the guitar, to look at Guitar Tricks vs Yousician in terms of features, benefits, program formats and pricing.


GT: Format, Price, Features and Benefits

Players can opt for beginner or more advanced lessons. For those new to the guitar, the site has some of the best, step-by-step lessons available. The content is both voluminous and top-notch. The site rotates about 600 instructional songs in and out of the lineup, so there’s always something new, even for advanced guitarists.

For $19.95 per month, or a substantial savings at $143.20 annually, the site is packed with features and offers a user-friendly format. There is a metronome, a handy reference tuner, backing tracks, and an efficient little chord-finder functionality. Anyone can opt for a 2-week free trial that includes everything the premium plans have. Plus, there’s a no-questions-asked 60-day guarantee if you aren’t happy and just want your money back for whatever reason.

Many online reviews mention a feature of the site that wins a lot of people over: the site has the feel of working with a real-life instructor. As you view the HD videos, lessons are offered up in a logical fashion, each one slowly building on a previously-learned skill. Another attractive feature is that students can pick lessons bases on style of play, particular songs or their own ability. It’s this customization element that is one of the gems of this website.

The first two sections of the beginner lesson, for example, are a good example of how thorough the site is. The “Fundamental” courses for those new to the guitar are arranged into two, 7-chapter sections. Among other things, these core courses deal with learning about the guitar itself, playing easy melodies, “must-know” basics of chord play, and a solid introduction to rhythm and timing.

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Yousician: Format, Price, Features and Benefits

Unlike some online music games, the Yousician app is designed for playing a real instrument, which is a big plus for those who enjoy playing the guitar. Yousician is not a video game. Workable on any computer platform, Yousician has a feature that enables it to listen to your playing and offer simple critique. The free version includes most of the app’s features but after the trial you’ll need to opt for premium membership if you want to continue. The pricing structure is two-tiered: $9.99 each month or $119.99 annually.

Every track has a ball for you to watch as you play. As your skills advance, the add adapts and teaches you more. The various levels of complexity and multiple modes are an interesting, active way to engage the lessons. Modes include both simple and down-up strumming, basic and power chords, changing position and down-up picking. There are some very helpful chord diagrams as well as a capable tuner that’s quite easy to use.

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Signing up with GT is probably the smartest way to go for beginners and even more advanced students. The lessons are truly comprehensive and offer high-definition video tutorials that are easy to follow. Plus, the owners of GT make it simple to test out the site for free and/or sign up, right on the main page of the website, at

Some guitar enthusiasts will enjoy a standard app like Yousician, which actually serves an entirely different purpose than a learning website like GT. Apps are designed for fun and occasional amusement. They’re fine for their own purposes, but serious guitar learners can acquire a wealth of experience and knowledge from a comprehensive site like GT.

For the price, it’s pretty clear that the Guitar Tricks vs Yousician comparison comes out in favor of GT. The high-definition video lessons are an awesome way to learn and the resources for beginners are the ideal way to learn in a supportive, fun environment. Mid-level and advanced players have access to a large volume of material too, making GT a worthwhile resource for players of all abilities.


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