Guitar Tricks vs Truefire

With so many options for online guitar lessons, it can be a bit overwhelming to pick. Guitar Tricks and Truefire both have plenty of loyal customers, but which one is truly better than the other?

Below, we take a closer look at the Guitar Tricks vs Truefire. In the end, a final verdict will be reached as far as which option is the best.



Both companies offer quite a few features for people to use. Guitar Tricks has a very large archive of lessons and songs that are very enjoyable to go through. It is easy to navigate the website, and they have some tips and tricks along the way to help learn to play guitar correctly.

Every single lesson that is offered through GT seems to be focused on helping a person truly improve. Sometimes, these companies can get a little bit lost in what they are trying to accomplish. There can be some filler lessons, but that is not the case with guitar lessons from guitar tracks.

They have recently added some one on one lessons for people to try out if they are looking for special attention. The only unfortunate thing with that is they do cost extra. Maybe they will add it to the regular fees eventually, but it is only a premium feature right now.

Truefire definitely wins on the number of instructors and total number of guitar lessons. They are closing in on a total of 50,000 guitar lessons on their website, which just sounds insane.

With so many lessons, it is important to point out the difference between quality and quantity. Even though Truefire has more lessons, it still seems like GuitarTricks has the better lessons. Truefire also does not offer individual song lessons, which can frustrate some people who are just trying to learn how to play their favorite songs.

It’s a close battle between the two as far as features are concerned, but Guitar Tricks gets the nod.

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Program format

There are quite a few similarities between the two programs, but Truefire seems to be a bit more hands off. They present all the material a person needs, but it is really up to each individual to actually focus on practicing.

This can leave people pretty frustrated if they are not motivated that much by themselves. Guitar Tricks does a better job of actually acting like true lessons someone would receive in person. They have a lot more goals for people to focus on, the opportunity for one on one instruction and just more motivation with their lessons in general.

Ultimately, the format of a program is going to work for some people, and not work for others. Overall, Guitar Tricks just seems like the better option right now. Not everyone will agree, but the format is just too passive with Truefire.

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True Fire has a pretty simple set up as far as pricing is concerned. It is $19 per month, $199 annually and $999 for a lifetime membership. This puts the program about average as far as cost is concerned. Some people might initially balk at the price for the lifetime membership, but it does provide the best value by far.

GuitarTricks is pretty close in pricing, but just slightly cheaper if a year is purchased. It is $19.95 per month, and $179.99 per year. That is some significant savings for an annual membership.

Both companies offer money back guarantees if a person is not satisfied. It is recommended to act on the guarantee as quickly as possible, because no one wants to mess out on that opportunity. Within the first two weeks, most people will understand if they need to make a decision on that.

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Final verdict

This is a fairly close battle, but in the major categories, GuitarTricks takes the slight edge every single time. They really just seem like the best and the most refined of the two right now. A lot of effort has been put into making sure that there is no filler content on Guitar Tricks. While the numbers look great on Truefire, there is some filler content provided by the website for sure.

For passive learners, it might be worth looking into Truefire. They do have a lot of content, and some people like to learn that way. For those who want a true learning experience in a traditional manner, GuitarTricks is going to provide something closer to that.


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