Guitar Tricks Review 2021

Guitar Tricks has been in existence for more than 20 years and the program is in a category among the foremost online guitar lessons. The curriculum is designed to assist aspiring guitarists in quickly learning and honing their skills via the Internet.

Regardless of your current skill level or the genre of music you would like to play, you will be able to access remarkable video lessons that can be practiced anytime of the night or day. The teaching mechanism is located on the internet; therefore, wherever you are in the world, you will be able to access it.


Program Features

There are close to 50 professional instructors who undertake the core teaching of this program. Each instructor has his or her own teaching techniques, specialty and style. You could end up staying with one instructor throughout your lessons or you may experiment with diverse playing styles you have never before tried. This is among the major benefits of learning online.

You will be able to learn guitar tricks and opt to study music theory, guitar theory and different playing styles. Knowing musical theory provides you with the basis to improve your playing and composing skill. You are in control of the lessons you take and as such, you can begin at any level and at any point you choose.

Whether electric or acoustic guitar, 6-string or 12-string, regardless of your age or your favorite music genre, there are lots of lessons for every level. You will be able to advance your skill level and expertise.

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Private tutors have long been considered the best method of learning guitar because they simply get the job done. Tutors are typically professionals with impressive musical backgrounds. Frequently, tutors put together pre-determined courses with lessons designed for students to pick up the fundamentals and sharpen their skills.

Watching your tutor enables you to pick up useful skills from direct observation. It is an overall efficient system and someone is always there to provide assistance if you are struggling. One of the biggest benefits of GuitarTricks is that is quite similar to having a private tutor. Essentially, GuitarTricks delivers the benefits of a private tutor, without the high cost of the lessons.

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As it relates to payment, there are two options. You can either pay a yearly fee of $179.99 or $19.95 monthly for a subscription; the annual fee would save you $60. It is definitely not the least expensive tuition website out there; however, when you think about the depth of the available lessons, the value for money is exceptional.

If you were using a private tutor, $20 per month would not pay for much. For such a wide-ranging course that virtually guarantees that you will improve your guitar playing skills (provided that you actually practice), each subscription provides a lot of worth.


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Types of Lessons Offered

Blues, rock and country are emphasized in the Core Learning System and are arguably the most popular. However, they are definitely not the limit. GuitarTricks actually includes dedicated sections on most guitar styles: bluegrass, acoustic, funk and soul, classical, metal, rockabilly, jazz, world and surf. These different styles can be directly navigated from among the 4 main categories on the home page, even though they are listed throughout the website while browsing through songs.

• Beginner Lessons

GuitarTricks is a remarkable platform for beginners who are easing into playing the instrument. ‘Beginner Lessons’ is among the 4 main categories on the website and it is easy to navigate. While on the home page, you will be able to advance through the ‘Core Learning System’. Begin with level 1 of ‘Guitar Fundamentals, which demonstrates guitar essentials like tuning the strings, playing simple melodies, simple chords and learning lessons on rhythm.

Instructor Lisa McCormick will instantly teach you how to start playing, while figuratively holding your hand along the way. She is friendly and makes the lessons easy to follow, without coming across as being patronizing. This material is more than enough to keep users playing for a few weeks.

Level 2 demonstrates how to play and it teaches different scales, power chords, barre chords. It also provides a music reading introduction. If you are an absolute beginner, the foundation course will have you playing songs from day one. This will enable you to become a proficient player in a few weeks.

• Advanced Lessons

Advanced players can stick with the Core Learning System and explore the foundations blues, rock or country. The introduction of brand new instructors has made it possible for two levels per style. Ample lessons are there to get players started on the journey to learning new music genres, outlining both lead playing techniques and rhythm.

Most of the experienced players will benefit from the later stages of the Core Learning System. However, their bank of songs is the true highlight for skilled guitarists. The bank spans over 700, over a range of difficulties. These challenges are characterized by a small guitar scale: 1 guitar for the ‘Absolute Beginner’ who is working to advance to 5 guitars.

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Pros and Cons


• There is nothing redundant; lessons are short and concise. This is highly essential, since saving only 5 minutes on each lesson, while watching 20 lessons, for example, will be shorter by 100 minutes. That is much more practice time and time to have fun.
• Anders Mouridsen is one of the most laid back, coolest and most informative instructors on the site. If you choose GuitarTricks, you will likely see a lot of him.
• There are “artist style” lessons that are remarkable for intermediate and advanced players. Instead of just learning a song, you receive in depth knowledge of the characteristic style and techniques of the given artists, which is quite cool.
• A number of songs are there to learn in detail.


• More genre-based mini courses should be added
• A few of the older lessons are subpar and these should just be removed or reshot. For instance, one of the instructors who seems like a great guy, presents worthwhile content; however, the 360p lessons, which are shot at his house YouTube style, in front of his computer, do not live up to users’ expectations. These are just a few lessons but quality still matters.
• The Jam Station cannot be downloaded. It is a very cool tool; however, Internet access is needed to use it. It would be great if it could be downloaded. Could it be that the file is too large to be downloaded?

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Lesson Format

The lesson format is quite simple this allows you to acquire skills easily, particularly since the lesson page design has been revamped. There is an exceptional video player and the video quality, which ranges between 224p and crystal-clear 4K, is easy to adjust; this guarantees the highest resolution even while the videos are being played on a big screen, Internet TV or via a HDMI cable.

Additionally, the video player has a precise A/B looping system, which allows a specific portion or the full video to be continuously repeated; this is vital when learning a challenging song. The speed setting bar is another crucial tool. It enables you to adjust the video speed to 0.5x without the pitch being affected. This is quite convenient when playing along with the song. There is also the option of speeding up the video.

Where relevant, the TAB/notation for a song is next to the video. This means there is no need to scroll for the TAB, particularly since the TAB automatically scrolls to the video. You can simply press play, take your guitar in hand and concentrate solely on the lesson.

There is also information on the lesson and where appropriate, there are song lyrics. The length of the lessons varies and they are in individual segments rather than a single long lesson. This makes learning a tricky solo much easier.

For this to be highlighted, the lesson for ‘It’s Not My Time’ would be an ideal choice. Written by 3 Doors Down, the song is broken down into the introduction, chorus (both distorted and clean), verses (both distorted and clean), solo and octave riffs. Additionally, there are segments dedicated to finding the right tone and gear for the song. There is also a full performance video for users to play along.

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Guitar Tricks Trial (Coupon Codes Offered)

GuitarTricks offer a substantial 14-day free trial, which enables you to meticulously test the platform. This is a risk-free method of seeing whether the lesson styles and format are suitable for you. You will also be able to determine whether full membership is worthwhile. Best of all, they do not hold anything back in the trial; you will be able to access everything available to a full member for two full weeks.

This means, you will have access to the more than 3000 lessons and all of the professional instructors. Therefore, you will be able to explore the glorious possibilities to your heart’s content. Whatever route you take, you will be in control of your learning.

GuitarTricks also has a tremendously generous promotional code, which will save you 20 percent off the first payment, whether you opt for monthly or annual payments. The code SAVE20 can be manually entered or you can visit the page on which the coupon is already applied.

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Guitar Tricks vs Competition

How It Compares to Jamplay and Jamorama

JamPlay and Guitar Tricks are the two largest guitar learning sites across the globe. There are a number of other programs like Jamorama, however they simply do not compare. One of the benefits of Jamorama is that they focus on techniques that assist you in developing superior better hand/eye coordination. However, in comparison to GuitarTricks and Jamplay, Jamorama is clearly lacking in many ways.

Established in 1998, the well renowned GuitarTricks has accrued in excess of 11,000 lessons over their two decades of existence. In comparison, JamPlay, which had their launch in 2006, has over 5500 lessons under their belt. Both of these websites have a lot to offer and they are always striving for the top position on the online guitar lessons charts.

GuitarTricks has the most content and this enables players and aspiring players to find sufficient content to keep them busy. However, JamPlay currently provides more live lessons and more genre-specific lessons.

There are features of Jamplay and GuitarTricks that are pretty evenly matched, right down to the monthly cost of programs. However, those who opt to sign up for a one year membership will pay $143.20 on GuitarTricks as opposed to the $159.50 charged by JamPlay. As it relates to the volume of lessons, the overall design, the well-structured courses and the amount of songs, GuitarTricks wins over JamPlay. We and most Guitar Tricks review give Guitar Tricks a 5/5 star rating.



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