Top 10 Best Online Guitar Lessons

Best Online Guitar Lessons Reviews – the top 10 best online guitar lesson providers review & comparison for 2021. Find out which guitar training is the best.

Best Online Guitar Lessons

Have the itch to learn how to play guitar? Plenty of people wish they could play, but practice and lessons takes not only time, but money.

While there is no shortcut to practicing, it is much cheaper than ever before to learn how to play the guitar. Lessons online are now available for people all over the world, and it is much cheaper to take lessons from online instructors compared to locally.

With so many options, which are the top 10 online guitar lesson providers out there? Below is a closer look at some of the best, starting with the best overall value at the top.

1. Jamplay


A lot of providers might come close, but Jamplay is still the best overall value on the market today. They have everything a person could expect as far as resources are concerned, and it’s extremely affordable.

Beginners will notice right away that there are over 400 courses, taught by 80 teachers. Is one instructor just not doing it for you? Switch to another teacher and go from there. No matter how a person likes to learn, there are teachers available to help out.

Open mics and real feedback bridge the gap between online lessons and in-person lessons. This also helps a person who is starting out build confidence. Once a person feels comfortable playing in front of others, they can really take off from there.

Unlike a lot of other online lesson providers, Jamplay is great for intermediate and even advanced guitar players as well. There are courses for all skill levels. A lot of people actually sign up for the service to stay sharp and motivated if they haven’t played in a while.

The price is on the higher side, but not too bad for the amount of content. Most people end up trying it for one month, and then committing to a year if they find it to be valuable. For the best overall provider online today, Jamplay is hard to top.

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2. Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks

There isn’t much holding Guitar Tricks out of the top spot. They have a more expansive song list and lessons compared to Jamplay, but they don’t have quite as many instructors for full customization. For that reason, they have to settle for being the best alternative to Jamplay.

This is a very well organized website, offering step by step courses for those who are just starting out. A person can learn in a group setting, watching videos or even by signing up for one-on-one live lessons over video chat.

Another thing people really appreciate about Guitar Tricks is that they have a very impressive 60-day satisfaction guarantee. They are very confident in the lessons they provide. The cost is virtually the same as Jamplay, but their main competitor only offers a 7-day trial.

Take advantage of what Guitar Tricks offers and check the lessons out. A lot of people end up going with Jamplay or Guitar Tricks. Both are great, but Jamplay offers slightly more in general.

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3. Jamorama


The first thing that jumps out to a lot of people is the price of Jamorama. Compared to the first two, a $99.95 life-time membership is extremely affordable. Unfortunately, it comes up a bit short with what they offer, but it is still a valuable option for those who are on a set budget.

Jamorama is very geared towards the beginners. From standard chords to basic progression, the basics are taught well to build a strong foundation. They offer a decent amount of live interaction, and beginners can lean on others in the active community who were struggling at one time as well.

It’s worth signing up for and exploring. The basic access to the website is very limiting, but it does give people a taste of what to expect. Don’t expect a huge library of courses, but some people like the gaming atmosphere and the overall fun that goes into each lesson.

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4. Truefire


A lot of people look at Truefire as one of the best options for those people who do have some experience playing guitar. It isn’t the most beginner friendly, but they allow people to jump around and learn different lessons depending on what they want to pursue. This level of freedom is hard to find when so many others want people to stick to a strict lesson plan.

Think of Truefire as a bit of an à la cart menu. Maybe someone wants to work on a certain type of song, so they can jump right to it. It lacks in true walkthrough learning, but it does allow quite a bit of freedom. The company is not going to hold your hand.

A lot of people who end up learning the guitar want to play songs that they are interested in. That is why so many lessons are broken up into specific genres and styles on Truefire. It is definitely a change compared it to some of the other competitors, but it certainly is beneficial at times.

The style isn’t for everyone, but some people just don’t like paying for beginner lessons if they have no need for them. Truefire allows for more seasoned players to pay for what they want only.

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5. Artist Works

Artist Works

For those people who truly enjoy the in-person lesson experience, it can be tough to transition to online. Looking for something in the middle? Artist Works does a good job offering something like that. They focus a lot on one-on-one learning with instructors, and that can help those who need specific assistance.

No two people learn the same way, so having customized lessons can really help a person make a breakthrough. They encourage people to ask questions and figure out what might be holding things up.

The cost of Artist Works is the major reason why this can’t be any higher than fifth right now. There is no doubt that there is a lot of valuable content provided, but every other company on this list has great content as well. Paying $35 a month or $279 a year is a very expensive investment for a lot of people.

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6. Fender Play

Fender Play

Fender Play is one of the newer online guitar lesson providers out there. With a very respected name like Fender behind it, there is no question that it is going to be pretty popular over time. The problem is, right now it is just a little bit too limited to really make a full recommendation.

They do a great job of enticing newcomers, as the $9.99 per month price is very good value overall. This opens up all the lessons offered on the site, and it even allows people to learn how to play bass guitar and ukulele if they want.

The problem is, there is not really much for people outside of beginners to learn from Fender Play. Maybe they plan on building that out a little bit more in the future, but it definitely seems like lessons that can only be used for a while. Once a person reaches a certain skill level, there is just not much to keep customers coming back.

It’s worth sampling, especially with their 14-day trial. Most are going to find it just to be lacking slightly, and therefore not the best overall value.

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7. Yousician


Yousician offers guitar lessons as well as options for piano, bass and ukulele. It is an affordable option, but unfortunately it doesn’t really stand out too much in any category compared to the rest on this list.

It really just seems like it is still a work in progress for the most part. They do add new content from time to time, but it has not been able to catch up with a lot of competitors.

It is an extremely flexible tool that helps people really understand music and how it should be learned and play. Instead of taking shortcuts, people learn the basics just like they would in normal lessons. It’s affordable enough that it might be worth a trial for some, but nothing is going to blow a user away.

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8. Justin Guitar

Justin Guitar

It is hard to argue with free online guitar lessons. That is why Justin Guitar has to be listed on here as one of the top providers. Even though there are not that many lessons and the structure is sometimes a little bit difficult to understand, Justin Guitar is worth checking out for sure.

About 1000 different video lessons are available to people who visit. All the lessons are pretty straightforward, and it is great for beginners who are just trying to figure out the basics. Don’t expect anything too complex as far as instruction is concerned, but it is hard to argue with free.

Even those people who end up purchasing other lessons online should definitely bookmark Justin Guitar. It is something to check out as a supplemental learning tool. He still adds plenty of lessons to this day, so new content can always prove to be beneficial.

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9. Rocksmith


Gamers of a certain age can vividly remember Rock Band, Guitar Hero and other video games that relied on fake instruments. Rocksmith basically took that idea and made a video game into a real learning tool. Instead of playing a plastic guitar with five pretend notes to play, Rocksmith allows a person to plug in their guitar and learn how to play.

Once a person gets past the video game aspect, there is really no difference on learning to play with Rocksmith or any other online lesson provider. They have some of the most popular songs of all-time available to use, and there is surprisingly a lot of depth there for beginners learning the basics.

The upfront cost, especially if a person doesn’t own a gaming console or a computer, is definitely high. With that said, this is a perfect way to learn for those people who are looking for something slightly different.

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Guitar Instructor

A company that has “Instructor” in its name better have a lot of teachers. That is exactly what Guitar Instructor provides. They now have over 100 teachers to instruct aspiring guitarists. There are six very distinct learning paths for beginners to go down, but those who are a little bit more comfortable with playing the guitar can hop around as well.

A cool feature with the company is that you can jump right into things with a full band to hear how things would be. Not many other companies offer anything close to that. Not everyone is looking to be part of a band, but those hoping to be a rock star some day can get a taste.

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Online Guitar Lesson Selection Tips

Selecting a guitar lesson provider is not just about service provider quality, but also your requirements. If you are serious about learning guitar, you should know that it would take some time to learn the basics. The guitar lesson period should be enough to make sure you gather necessary experience. When looking for a course, ensure the course provider lets you train for any number of days.

Locate an online guitar learning program that delivers both audio and video lessons, along with a book for reference. This combination would work great whether your main learning style is listening, reading, watching, or a mix of the three. Also, most professional guitarists and musicians are great because they’ve been exposed to various musical genres. Make sure your guitar learning program is versatile and well-rounded.

Work with a mentor who is friendly and forthcoming. The mentor’s personality traits will directly impact your learning progress and performance. There is no dearth of mentors online. Make sure you choose one who can spend enough and quality time training you.

Find out how your instructor would be teaching you. If there is a standard teaching method in place, like teaching based on a book or helping you prepare for an exam, then you should look somewhere else. As far as teaching guitar goes, there is no set method. A good instructor would try to learn about your unique requirements and exact circumstances and form a course plan accordingly.

Make sure the instructor offers you options when it comes to the format. One-to-one private lessons may sound great, but they are not always so. There are several aspects to music, particularly the guitar, that can be learned only in groups. For instance, playing music that has different components, group improvisation, and accompanying soloists and singers are essential and they would not be part of private lessons. One-to-one private lessons are ideal for addressing certain technical problems. However, sticking with the format alone would be limiting.

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Types of Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons are available to anyone and everyone – irrespective of their age, skills, experience, etc. The following are the common types of guitar lessons:

• Duration-based: The learning will entail you and the instructor where the instructor would try to help you reach your individual goals. These learning sessions could be anywhere between 20 minutes and more than an hour.
• Complete beginners: These lesson types cater to amateurs. You would be shown the fundamentals of guitar-playing.
• Advanced players: If you play the guitar well already and want help with improving your skills, this guitar lesson type is for you. Besides working on what you already know, you would also learn fresh skills.
• Troubleshooting: If you already play the guitar but stuck somewhere in the process, there are guitar lessons that will find out how much you know about guitar and analyse your playing technique to fix the problematic areas.

Group lessons, syllabus-based, song learning, improvisation, technique building, artist-style study, learning to perform, etc. are some of the other areas guitar lessons may focus on.

Avg. Guitar Lesson Pricing

The average guitar lesson prices fall in the $20-$40 price range. Certain factors would ascertain what exactly you’ll end up paying per hour. The teacher’s experience, your learning requirements (wanting to learn a specific style, for example), lesson duration, your location (if you are going the offline route), the instructor’s location (studio, house, or online), etc. would determine the actual price. The least expensive would be online learning. If the instructor is travelling to your place, you would pay more.

Offline vs. Online Guitar Instructions

Both offline and online guitar lessons have their pros and cons. While it’s always handy to have a mentor in person, the option could be expensive and non-flexible. Online learning offers you flexibility and costs comparatively less. However, an offline instructor brings in a disciplined approach that an online program doesn’t. When you know the instructor will be coming in or you must head to their place to learn, you would most likely stick with the schedule. But the comfort and convenience that online learning offers could make you a bit complacent and the course that could have been completed in a month or two may take more time for completion.

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What is the cost of guitar lessons by the hour

As aforementioned, guitar lessons could cost anywhere between $20 and $40. At times, they could cost more or less.

Is learning to play the guitar difficult?

Learning guitar is not easy. But if you are passionate about learning and adopt a disciplined learning approach, you shouldn’t find the process too difficult.

How can I teach myself to play guitar?

You can teach yourself to play guitar by watching free/premium videos online. While learning by yourself is always possible, having an instructor by your side offline or online would mean quicker and more effective learning.

What is a good beginner guitar?

There are different types of guitars, and the best beginner guitar is the one that matches your learning requirements and styles. Just because a particular guitar works well for more beginner players, it doesn’t mean it will necessarily work for you too. If you have never played a guitar before, make sure you buy one that offers great value for money. Do not overspend or cheap out excessively.

At what age can kids learn to play the guitar?

The average age for a kid to start learning to play the guitar is 6. But not all kids are the same and some may take more time to be learning-ready. If your kid is not pumped about learning to play the guitar at age 6, do not be disappointed. The kid either needs some more time or just doesn’t want anything to do with a guitar. If so, accept it and move on.


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