Best Online Guitar Lessons Reviews

Do you jump on the sofa to play a pretend guitar whenever you watch a music concert on TV? Do you go weak in the knees when you listen to a classical guitar performance? Or, have you always dreamed of making your guitar speak like Jimi Hendrix’s used to? Well, you don’t have to go looking for a pricey guitar tutor to help you fulfill your dream. You can do lessons from the comfort of your living room. All you need is half decent internet connection, an internet-enabled device, and a good attitude!

Wait a minute; how do you get the best online guitar lessons available? Given a choice between Justin Guitar, Guitar Tricks, JamPlay and TrueFire, where would you sign up? Well, here is a comprehensive look at all these online guitar lessons by comparisons.

Online Guitar Lessons

  1. Course Content

All of the above guitar lesson providers have lessons for the newbie, the intermediate and advanced guitarist. If you want to know which provider suits you, look at the beginner program. TrueFire doesn’t have much for a newbie, and the lessons themselves are not systematic.

Justin Guitar is ideal for the beginner who just wants to learn to play basic guitar. Guitar Tricks, however, has a great system for newbies that takes them through a step-by-step learning process. JamPlay also has a comprehensive course for a beginner that introduces their favorite genre within the first few weeks. With JamPlay, you will be playing your mom’s favorite song within no time.

Qualified instructors teach these guitar lessons. Considering the number of students and the amount of work to be covered, the site with the most instructors would be the best. Justin Guitar has only one instructor; not a great outlook. However, most of his lessons are in ready videos that students can download.

Overall, your best bet here would be JamPlay, which has instructors who are also professional performers in their own right. Each instructor, therefore, does not just teach theory, but also gives hints on how to master the guitar and even wow an audience while at it.

  1. Resources

In your search for the best online guitar lessons, it would be great to find a site that is a one-stop shop for all your needs. You should not look only at the number of lessons that each provider has to offer. You need much more than exciting HD videos to turn you into a guitarist. For example, TrueFire has over 7,000 jam tracks for you to practice. Justin Guitar also offers songwriting lessons for those who want to learn to compose their own lyrics.

JamPlay and Guitar Tricks have extra tools on their websites to make your learning experience more fun. These include a metronome, chord and scale finder, backing tracks and guitar tuners available on their sites. Once again, however, JamPlay stands out as it offers three learning games, live webcam sessions, and songs in different styles and genres. Remember, you need a site where you will learn to play music that excites you.

  1. Easy Website Access

Online guitar lesson providers know that the best way to attract clients is through their website. The website has to be attractive, informative and entertaining. A quick peek at Justin Guitar’s website reveals a simple website with very clear instructions. Not the typical guitarist’s website, though.

Guitar Tricks has a guitarist strumming on the cover page of their website, something that attracts potential students. TrueFire’s website also has a guitar on its cover page and links to several articles on guitar playing. Now wait for it… you need a site that shows you the lesson menu on its cover page. JamPlay’s website has the lessons listed on its cover page. You just need to click and see what will come next after you sign up.

  1. Cost

Do the best online guitar lessons have to be expensive? Not at all, especially if you are comparing monthly membership fees with the cost of hiring a private tutor. A private tutor would charge you at least $30 per lesson; and that’s on the lower side.

Justin Guitar offers free lessons, but here’s the catch. Once you are past beginner level, you will need to purchase tutor books and DVDs. Signing up at TrueFire is free, but if you sign up for personalized classes and workshops, you pay an extra fee.

Guitar Tricks and JamPlay charge the same monthly fee. If you choose to pay a quarterly or annual fee, the figures will differ slightly. JamPlay offers, for less than $20 per month; a comprehensive scale library, live boot camps with accomplished guitarists, an active community where you can ask all your questions and several other benefits. It is thus easy to decipher why you should not sign up anywhere else.

  1. Extras

What happens if you just want to try out the programs offered before you commit to lessons? Guitar Tricks and TrueFire give 14-day and 30-day trials. Once the TrueFire trial period expires, you can sign up for whichever course attracts you, at a fee.

Guitar Tricks will require that you pay a monthly fee after the trial period is over, a fee that entitles you to all the services available on the site. If you are not happy with their services, you can get a refund as long as the 60-day guarantee period has not elapsed. JamPlay does not offer a trial period and only gives a 7-day money-back guarantee. JamPlay does not need to give a trial period, though. After all, most people who sign up do not back out halfway because the services are that good!

Your hunt for the best online guitar lessons is over. Out of the four lesson providers, JamPlay has come out on top, with Guitar Tricks coming a close second. Once you sign up, make sure you take advantage of all the resources on this site. Become an expert in your favorite genre. Learn to jam using the backing tracks.

Also, capitalize on the artist workshops. Study the scale and chord library until you can play each one. Watch the videos repeatedly until you master the techniques. Interact with your fellow guitar enthusiasts in the community forum. Lastly, learn to how to compose that song you have always dreamed of writing. Who knows, that song might be your ticket to fame and, all this is possible if you heed the advice in this narrative on the best online guitar lessons.